Yesterday, UST overtook DAI more decisively as it had been trading higher for at least the last 24 hours. Further catalyzing this was the integration of Terra’s stablecoin, $UST, into Abracadabra. Recent MIM replenishes on Abracadabra Money fueled deposits into Anchor. @Anchor_Protocol hit over $10B in deposits, a result of $LUNA’s price hitting all-time highs. Market confidence has resulted in the price of L1 chains lingering around ATHs as we head towards EOY. The floor price for @BoredApeYC flipped CryptoPunks last night, though only for a brief moment before CryptoPunks prices rebounded. 0/ Bored Apes ‘flippened’ CryptoPunks briefly, overtaking the NFT project in floor price. Stasi Eldridge says in her book Captivating that every woman hears one lie or the other- you are either too much or not enough.

Just that RichQUACK could be the next Shiba inu. It has much less market cap, but the community is growing significantly. In the end, you should still do your own research. With no natural peers besides Dogecoin (sitting one place ahead of it at $34 billion in market capitalization) Shiba Inu’s most aspirational rival might be Bitcoin, with a market cap of $1.226 trillion. SHIB is already at over 2.3% of Bitcoin’s value, which appears to limit its potential upside. Indeed it might be argued that SHIB is facing a tough competition on the top and it has already peaked, while RichQUACK is just getting started and still has plenty of room to grow.

The Flippening is Inevitable

Convex pushing into the frax gauge with $cvxFXS is still one of the most solid moves I’ve seen recently in Defi, second to Olympus Pro, those giga brain devs have indeed did something. This totals to $0.90 for every locked $CVX, over 2x the efficiency of the prior round. Anybody who managed to acquire $CVX when it dipped below $2 during the summer crash has already paid this off in bribes alone. While SHIB has seen a meteoric rise of late, DOGE’s appreciation fails to match up in comparison, with the elder memecoin gaining a mere 18.5% over the past 30 days to sit at $0.23. A) Belief it will draw institutional investors to the space. If everything seems boring, does that actually make it interesting?
Most of the resurgence in interest around cryptocurrencies is directly tied to Bitcoin. In today’s Delphi Daily, we analyzed NFT volumes across different blockchains, @iearnfinance’s aggressive buybacks, BTC open interest, and GBTC’s competition. Euro stablecoins recently crossed the 450m supply mark, led mostly by the launch of @AngleProtocol. Lido finance is set to debut liquid staking on a few Ethereum Layer 2 networks, the platform announced on Monday. On Monday , Polygon’s $matic crypto token is trading over $0.92, surging over 23%% in the past 24-hour period, thanks to two… This DeFi craze demonstrated that native assets of decentralized financial applications show no mercy to old champions in terms of ‘flippening’. Thus, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin SV were mentioned by both analysts as the coins that are on borrowed time in the camp of crypto behemoths. Generating innovative on-chain market intelligence and tools for digital asset stakeholders enabling them to make more informed decisions.

John Romero on what makes a superb trendy FPS, why the blockchain isnt prepared for video games but, and cookbooks?

USD has been the main pricing currency for crypto assets, yet we’re starting to see increased demand for alternative currency options. In today’s DD, we explore @boredapevc’s neck-and-neck race with Punks, derivative DEX volumes, and a surge in Euro-denominated stablecoins. A new report from cryptocurrency ranking platform CoinGecko is shedding light on one Ethereum rival that tripled its share of total value locked in… The New Jersey-based cryptocurrency lender has a $1.2 Billion hole in its balance sheet and will likely struggle to pay back its customers and creditors…. Yesterday , the first DeFi asset in the entire crypto history and the native coin of the Chainlink decentralized architecture, LINK, entered the Top 10. According to Mr. Paone, XRP, Litecoin , Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin SV and Eos will find themselves out of the big league. Once next bull run is over, the native assets of decentralized financial protocols will replace them like a ‘useless legacy’. ‘Wolf of All Streets’ crypto trader Scott Melker keeps a 15% cash allocation precisely for market environments like this.

Maybe it’s to your BlockFi account to start earning interest. But regardless, there’s less economic opportunity on the Bitcoin network, making it less desirable to pay a higher transaction fee. But even when we strictly view this in the amount of value transferred between BTC and ETH, Ethereum has already taken the lead as of early May. Bitcoin is settling a similar $13.9B in BTC per day while Ethereum still settles over $20B in ETH-denominated value per day. Crypto markets were jittery in the days leading up to the FOMC meeting, likely in preparation for an overly hawkish Fed. In today’s Delphi Daily, we analyzed the amount of USDT on the sidelines, UST surpassing DAI in terms of market cap, the success of @astroport_fi’s lockdrop, and LUNA’s ATH.

Clunk flush! Bexplus cryptocurrency change closes instantly, giving its customers solely 24 hours to withdraw funds

$USDT supply on exchanges is at a 1-year high, indicating that investors have become risk-averse and sold into stable assets. Alex Tapscott reveal that the current bear market provides opportunities for corporations and investors. Alex Tapscott is “an entrepreneur, author and seasoned financial resources markets professional… At press time, LINK surpassed Cardano , Bitcoin SV , Litecoin , and tradeallcrypto Coin in terms of market capitalization according to the top independent analytical service Coingecko. This bullish run for digital assets may permanently shift the balance of power within the cryptocurrencies realm, says crypto expert Robert Paone. In addition, filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission suggest that similar shares of ETFs from crypto-asset manager Valkyrie and asset manager VanEck may soon appear on exchanges. The regulatory body has yet to approve any BTC futures ETF application from Invesco, with Global X and Galaxy Digital also awaiting the approval of funds with direct exposure to crypto.

Unlike the Bored Apes, who are plentiful, the CryptoPunks have achieved Valhalla and represent an asset of unfathomable worth. When you dig further and look at the genesis Cyberkongz, you’ll notice that BAYC aren’t even the most costly Apes in town. A fight has silently fought in the higher branches of the blockchain. Punks competed against Apes for outright crypto dominance, while supporters watched in awe as the inevitable changing of the guard was set to take place. KPMG Canada bought Bitcoins through Gemini Trust Company. The company established a governance committee to review risks before approving the acquisition. The company announced today that it has added Bitcoin and Ethereum to its balance sheet.

Pranksy x NFTBoxes Launch An NFT Vault To Shield Your Belongings

This year there are not many good options for investors but altcoins are now very cheap and should be considered to buy now. Shiba Inu famously has a total supply of a quadrillion tokens, of which almost 550 tillion are in circulation. With a market cap of almost $29 billion, it is currently the world’s 11th-largest cryptocurrency. We cover BTC news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies. Despite Bitcoin not being the central focus of the week, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some big institutional news. The meme coin that started as a joke has just continued to rise, reaching levels above $0.60 apiece. Doge has flippened XRP as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency and its current market cap would put it as one of the 150 or so biggest companies on the S&P500. I can see frustration, it is part of the market cycle, those who have been here for so long had experienced worse scenario than this. Instead of getting depressed, try to take advantage of cheap coins. Buy altcoins that are on the top of the market cap or altcoins that are already established, or add some more bitcoin.

If you;re chikun then ETH ETC XMR LTC DOjje fit as both top of the market cap and established. Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. RichQUACK is being developed by a pseudonymous team that previously worked together on Multiple Business Ventures and they worked with a blockchain development team that has more than 60 developers.

Ethereum Soars 41% In A Seven Day Run Is the Upcoming Merge A Catalyst?

While some smaller P2E games take the lead for their respective blockchains, the most active ones owe their speed to WAX blockchain. Read more about how to read stock order book here. Axie Infinity is still ranked among top 5 games, based on Origin free-to-play users. You argue in the article that one of ETH’s core indicators is fees collected, because it determines how valuable a blockchain is, as it literally translates to how much people are willing to pay to use the ledger. Not financial or tax advice.This newsletter is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions.

The longer Bitcoin is stable, the bigger the expected move when the market does move. Would it be ludicrous to assume that Bitcoin has actually stabilized over the long run? Bitcoin is experiencing its 13th low volatility episode in its history, so we hope you’re not into numerology. Blockparty to provide utility for their Flow NFT’s. The first phase of this is adding a Blocto wallet integration .

SHIB transactions worth at least $1 million started increasing since the beginning of October, Santiment data shows. The whale activities spiked on multiple days in the past weeks, as SHIB’s price rallied. Both coins now have a market cap of over $31 billion and are toggling between 10th and 11th on CoinGecko’s rankings page, as of press time. Shiba inu, the self-proclaimed dogecoin killer, briefly surpassed DOGE in market value on Wednesday, according to data from CoinGecko.

SHIB Flippened DOGE With $160M in ‘Smart Money’ Backing Latest Pump, Blockchain Data Shows – CoinDesk

SHIB Flippened DOGE With $160M in ‘Smart Money’ Backing Latest Pump, Blockchain Data Shows.

Posted: Wed, 27 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The bulls were back in charge on Sept. 9, sending the Ethereum price higher by more than 5% to $353 after falling from its September high of about $487. It wasn’t the only asset to enjoy a much-needed lift. Over on Wall Street, shares of Tesla also staged a comeback. XRP has earned itself a negative reputation in the cryptocurrency space for a number of reasons. The asset is among one of the worst performers two years running, and some of the most diehard crypto evangelists claim the asset is not centralized enough to stand alongside the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. About 31% of the total USDT supply is sitting idle on exchanges, suggesting traders are turning risk-off or locking in end-of-year profits.

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